Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inspiration in the cauldron of frustration

Do you find yourself wondering why you are in a particular season? Do you wonder why you have to go through some difficult times, face major setbacks or feel frustrated or confused?

Do you wish it were easier? Do you wish that things would just work out? I submit it to you that you are not alone…..

Joseph in the pit, or in the jail must have longed for better days. So must have Daniel in the lion’s den, or in the fiery furnace, or Moses facing the Red Sea and the Egyptians hot on his heel, or Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, or Job and his numerous setbacks or Paul shipwrecked, again, on the Island of Malta…..

There will always be situations that will rattle and shake us, make us quiver and perhaps even doubt where we are going…..My encouragement is that even in those situations, the Lord wants to use these situations to inspire you to grow and discover more of who He is.

Even when in the cauldron of frustration, I submit to you, that there is a brand new grace and anointing to encourage and sustain you in times when life doesn’t make sense. The hard times serve to strengthen your resolve, and make you more purposeful, more determined, and help to fashion you more after Him who loved and sacrificed His life for you……..

In the cauldron, you learn to love God more, to know and trust Him, to understand that He is watching over you and protecting you, to be convinced that He alone is your help and your strength.

In my life, I have come to find out that the cauldron has been a wonderful opportunity to get fresh ideas, a new perspective and a renewed strength to face tomorrow. I have come to learn that in the cauldron, I get to develop strategies and attitudes that will ultimately be critical to enabling me make it through the dark and difficult times.

If you let Him, the Lord will give you a brand new energy and purpose, a resolute mindset and a bold outlook…..He will open your eyes to seeing the big picture, and will enable you to understand the deeper things in His will for your life that were, beforehand, not visible.

My encouragement to you is to not give up on God, even though the cauldron is deep and frustrating, guess what, He knows you are there……And in due season, He’ll put you out, and your heart shall sing and rejoice again.

In time, you will look at your cauldron and smile, and praise Him because you needed that experience to get you where you are now!

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